Friday, December 3, 2010

As many of you know, the love of my life, my best friend, the person i tell all my secrets to, and the person that lets me cry on his shoulder just because I'm having a bed day, ( my husband) left for Iraq on November 19! i will miss him so much!!
For a few days i thought to myself OK.. I'm doing good with this whole thing..... WOW how wrong i was :( a few days later i had the melt down of my life... when you don't have anyone to tell all your random thoughts too threw out the day, you start getting kind of lonely and start talking to yourself and you find out really quick that you need your best friend to talk to but hes not home anymore!!
i love it when he walks into a room quietly so he can catch me doing something funny or trys to scare me. or when I'm talking to him and he doesn't answer me and i look over and he feel asleep. and the look on his face when he is sleeping ... oh man i could just look at that face all night long!!
its going to be a long 10 months without him, but i will make it through this hard time and knowing that he will come home to me always makes it better!! i love you Tyson and i cant wait to have you back home with me and I'm never letting you go ever again!!

this picture is Tyson leaving for Iraq~ they got in formation and then got on the bus to leave!! hes the one on the very end on the right! I'm sure you can see him cuz hes so tall. ha ha

These next few pictures are some of the best and worst times we have had together! ha ha
On our honey moon in Yellowstone! We didn't want to leave ever!!

i loved this thing!! it made my legs took so amazing and long ha ha

:( :( :( worst day ever!! i got a call from the hospital that said Tyson was in the ambulance on his way to the E.R. and they couldn't tell me over the phone why..... so i got in the car and drove so fast over there to find out that he broke all of this ribs on the right side of the body!! it made me so sad to see him in so much pain!

trying to smile but couldn't quite get it all the way out :( poor baby

one night Tyson feel asleep and wouldn't wake up so i drew him some new eyebrows... ha ha lets just say I'm glade his eyebrows don't look like this all the time lol

i love love love love this picture... i love that he dipped me on our first kiss and i love the way he is holding me.. whenever i miss him i look at this picture and i can feel his love through the picture!!

on our way to church.. tyson likes taking church pictures for some reason lol i think its cuz he thinks he looks good all dressed up ha ha ...... he actually does look really good dressed up!!

my other fav. wedding picture!! i love the way hes looking at me :)


  1. oh ame! way to make me laugh AND cry!! i'm so sorry it's been so hard without him. i love all the pictures you posted. totally laughed out loud at the eyebrows you painted on him! ha ha. =) you are a strong woman!! i'm sure he's just missing the heck out of you, and i hope you guys can feel each others love through this hard time!

  2. I somewhat know how you feel. Marc had to go to Denver for 3 weeks so I was all alone with no family or friends near by. Talk about me going crazy! I talked to myself like crazy! It was kind of funny. It's hard, but there is no way I could do what you're going thru right now. You're a strong strong woman! Love you!

  3. thanks amber i love you too!! you should come up to idaho in january so we can go get our feet done and our nails did ha ha